Herbs That Can Fight Flu in Senior Citizens

Combine some of the natural ingredients that are effective in fighting the flu, which are suitable for making decoctions that will soothe, heal and nourish you until the virus is “expelled” from the body.



Echinacea strengthens and heals your immune system. It is better to take it briefly, with breaks. You can buy Echinacea tea and add honey from the market. Take it during and immediately after the flu, and also use Echinacea tincture – five drops in a glass of water if you need a quick effect. Echinacea is also a useful immune stimulant.


Eucalyptus relieves sputum in the chest and throat and lowers the temperature. A handful of eucalyptus leaves boiled in a pot of water will allow the healing pair to spread throughout the house and relieve you of flu symptoms, while at the same time destroying any germs in the air so that others can protect themselves from infection.

You can make eucalyptus tea by boiling two or three leaves in 200 ml of water, or by adding some fresh leaves to a hot bath.


Mustard relieves muscle pain, helps reduce the effects of inflammation and relieves cough and bronchitis. This herb is a warming stimulant that helps speed up blood circulation in the body. You can make tea by brewing half a teaspoon of white mustard seeds in a cup of water.

Mustard fights many effects of the flu.


Licorice helps cleanse the liver and thus benefits your body as a whole. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for the flu, and in addition, it helps regulate the functioning of the stomach. You can chew licorice sprigs or purchase it in the form of lozenges or tea. You can even use it as a sweet if you need to raise your blood sugar.

This herb should be avoided by seniors who have high blood pressure.


The infusion of peppermint is favorable for getting rid of colds and flu, as well as stomach ailments. You can purchase dried peppermint or make a teaspoon of mint leaves in a cup of water; this will help lower the temperature and restore your body. The mild sedative action of this herb will help you fall asleep, giving your body the necessary time to fight the virus, at the same time it can also help you regain lost appetite, and maintain strength. Use peppermint to promote your body’s natural healing through sleep and healthy food.

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