Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding the Best Medicare Advantage Plan

It was a moving meeting … sitting with a couple at the kitchen table while tears streamed down both faces. He was very sick, losing weight fast due to digestive problems, and his constant migraine headaches were so painful that ending his life seemed to be the only option for living without pain. To say they were afraid would be short.

The doctors associated with your current Medicare Advantage Plans were unable to diagnose the problem. He received only more medications, which exacerbated his problems. In addition to its medical puzzle, the Plan denied medical tests, which could ultimately diagnose your problem. It was October 2011 and, in tears, they asked painfully, “What are our options?”

In this case, together, we decided that it was better for him to switch to a Medicare Supplement Plan (MediGap), which would allow him to go to any doctor or center that accepted Medicare, along with an “Independent Prescription Drug Plan.” Part D “. “It was important that he could look for the best of the best anywhere in the country.

We chose a” Supplementary Plan F “with a company that would allow him to switch between a lower and higher cost plan WITHOUT proving insurability (if in the future, he decided to stick to the supplemental plan after his current medical problem was resolved).

Could I have avoided this problem in the first place? Possibly. Here are some errors I’ve seen, along with solutions, to help you choose the right option for YOU:

ERROR # 1: Who are you working with?

* Working with a ‘captive insurance agent’ (direct employment with carrier often pays W2, commissions and / or bonuses) or working with a ‘independent career agent’ (1099 hired from carrier and provided with leads) ). The last term is very confusing to me. They are classified as independent, however, if they write a request with another supplier because it is suitable for the beneficiary, the contract may be terminated. What incentive does the agent have for not being partial if he loses his primary source?

** Another mistake is working with an agent who is not certified to market all types of Medicare health plans. They can only market a few ‘complementary’ MediGap ‘plans without certification.

*** Go directly to the insurance company. If something goes wrong, it will be helpful to have a defender by your side, especially one who can see and live / work in your community.